4 Steps for Choosing Tile for Your Bathroom


4 Steps for Choosing Tile for Your Bathroom

Everyone enjoys designing or remodeling a bathroom. There are so many ways to make this room 100% unique to your home. If it’s the guest bathroom, it’s also an area of your home you know will see decent foot traffic, so it’s important you create something truly beautiful.

Tiles are always a great way to make your bathroom stand out for all the right reasons, but with so many options, it can be difficult knowing where to start. So here are our four tips for choosing the right tiles for your bathroom.

Decide if You Want a Special Tile

A lot of homeowners like to have at least one tile in their bathroom that serves as a focal point or otherwise garners positive attention. Often, it’s an accent tile. Other times, it might be something like white subway tile. Whatever the case, unless you plan on doing the entire bathroom in one uniform tile, make sure you begin by knowing which one you absolutely must have and then making it the cornerstone of your design.

Keep Your Bathroom to No More Than Three Tiles

While you can have a lot of fun by using different tiles in your bathroom, once you get beyond three types, the design tends to break down and look chaotic. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you may also have a hard time incorporating them all.

Instead, begin with the first choice we covered above and then make decisions on a second or third based on that. If you have a tile with a really unique pattern or color, pick a second tile that will accent it. Drawing out subtle colors from the original tile is usually the best way to do this. Then you can do the same with a third tile option if you like.

Consider What It Will Take to Maintain Your Choices

Tile has the potential to make or break a bathroom. When beautiful tiles are chosen and the right design is used to put them on display, you can’t go wrong. Your bathroom will be a total showstopper.

That said, even the best tiles and design will fall short of your expectations if they aren’t properly maintained. You’ll need to take this into consideration when choosing tiles. Think about how often you clean the bathroom now and whether or not you’ll realistically be able to do more if necessary once the tiles are installed.

Popular choices like ceramic and porcelain tiles are basically maintenance free. Check beforehand to see if they need to be sealed, but otherwise, you shouldn’t have to do much to keep them looking amazing for years to come. On the other hand, if you want any kind of natural stone tiles, they will definitely need to be sealed and will require a lot more TLC to keep them looking nice. Of course, you can always opt to use ceramic or porcelain around the bath and shower where it’s likely to get wet and use natural stone or some other option you really like elsewhere.

Most importantly, take your time with this decision. You now have the four steps it takes to choose the perfect tiles for your bathroom, so take as long as necessary to follow each of them.